Our Mastering Process

1) Choose Your Mastering Option:
Choose from one of our mastering options. You can also purchase expediting mastering if you need your tracks sooner.

Click Here to view our prices.

2) Upload Your Tracks To Our Upload Form:
Once payment is confirmed you will be automatically redirected to our upload form.
Here you can upload your tracks and let us know if you have any special requests for us.

If you are not automatically redirected please send us an email at monarchaudiomastering@gmail.com
and we will send you the link to the upload form.

Click Here to view our Track Upload Requirements.

3) We Will Master Your Audio To A Professional Quality:

We use a unique combination of processing to ensure your track stands out from the crowd and ensures you the highest quality master possible. You can view more information on what we do to your tracks at the bottom of this page.

* You will receive 2 final versions of each track you upload for mastering *

Final Master 1 will have commercial loudness

Final Master 2 will have more dynamics and less compression

4) We Upload Your Mastered Tracks To Our Personal Server And Email You A Private Download Link:


Make your music crisp, bright, and clear
We make the highs sparkle and the lows come through clean and deep.
This has been one of the things our studio has most been known for and our testimonials are evidence of our ability to achieve this better than any other online mastering studio.

Make the track as loud as commercial tracks without causing distortion and while maintaining dynamics
Have you noticed that your tracks aren’t as loud as other popular tracks by other artists? That is where we come in.

We will give you that volume and clarity while still maintaining the dynamics of your music.

Ensure consistency across all playback systems
Guaranteeing your audio will play perfectly on everything from an iPod to club speakers.
You may think it is good now but it may just be due to your own listening devices. You could be coloring your mix without even knowing it. In short, we make it perfect.

Optimize your tracks general dynamic space across all frequencies.
Through a special blend of multi band compression and EQ we ensure that your tracks highs, mids, and lows are all coming through perfectly. Your track will sound brighter, fatter, louder, deeper, and more lively.

Removal of all hidden unnecessary frequencies that ruin speakers and hearing.
Removal of stubborn hidden frequencies you may not have even realized existed in your track. We spot these through a variety of tools and remove them with professional care. This also frees up more headroom and makes your track come through more clear and louder.

This could be compared to removing a blanket that was covering your tracks audio. It will come out much more clear and audible after we are done working on it.

Optimize your tracks stereo width and ensure that there are no phase problems.
Your track will sound wide and full.
We also analyze your track to ensure that there are no frequencies that will cancel each other out if played on most club speakers. This is necessary if you want your track to sound good on any mono based systems.
Without this your tracks audio could become cancelled out at certain parts.