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What is Stem Mixing?

With stem mixing we are able to guarantee the highest possible quality of your music.
This includes optimum loudness, clarity and consistency across all playback systems.

To begin the process you will export groups of tracks in your song called "stems" allowing us to mix and master the full song together professionally.

What is a Stem?

A stem is a single audio file made by combining similar tracks.

For example, you can create a "lead synth stem" by soloing all the lead synth tracks simultaneously and exporting them as a single stereo audio file. You should leave all of your volume, panning, plugins, and automation enabled when exporting stems.

Examples of Stem Tracks could include: Lead synths, Bass, Kick/Snare, Vocals, Percussion/Hi-Hats, FX, etc.

Stem Mixing Is Recommended For:

• Artists who mix their own music in an untreated room or on headphones. If you are doing your mixdown in an untreated environment it is similar to painting in the dark. You will be unable to achieve an accurate feel for what problems your mixes have and how to properly fix them.

Artists who attempt to mix their own tracks (especially those using only plugins) usually end up with low quality & muddy sounding tracks due to this problem.

• Producers who don't have that much experience mixing but need their tracks to be as loud and clear as other top releases.

• Producers and engineers who mix their own projects but want fresh ears to tweak their mixes in order to get them sounding as perfect as possible.

• Producers, vocalists, etc who purchase beats/instrumentals online and only have access to the stereo instrumental file and their own vocal track.


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Stem Mixing Upload Requirements

1) All stem tracks must line up (leave all silence in between parts on the stems)

2) Have your stems in Wav. format and labeled (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats, Leads, Sub, Etc).

3) Make sure that none of the stems are clipping before exporting them.

More Information:

Mastering is included

You will receive 2 different final masters of your song to choose from

- Final Master 1 will have maximum commercial loudness

- Final Master 2 will be slightly less compressed/limited and have more dynamics

We also send 320Kbps MP3 Versions of each track as well.