Summer Mastering Sale!

Standard Mastering

(Receive Your Final Masters Within 48 Hours Guaranteed)
  • Mastering Options

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  • 1 Song

    $40           $20

  • 2 Songs

    $70         $35

  • 3 Songs

    $100         $50

  • 4 Songs

    $130       $65

  • Up To 6 Songs

    $180       $90

  • Up To 8 Songs

    $220       $110

  • Up To 10 Songs

    $260       $130

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* You will receive 2 different final masters of each track you upload for mastering to choose from*

Final Master 1 will have maximum commercial loudness
Final Master 2 will be slightly less compressed/limited


1. Tracks must have at least -6 db on the master bus.

This means that the loudest part of your track cannot peak above negative 6 db in volume.

We can easily increase the volume but we can only work with the headroom that you give us to work with.
The more headroom you give us means the more that we can fatten that space up.

2. Tracks must be in WAV. format.

We require this in order to maintain your songs maximum quality.

3. Tracks cannot have any Limiters on the final master bus.

You can have limiters on individual instruments (kick, snare, etc.) just not on the final master bus.