Get your tracks mastered
before submitting them to labels

Unlike other genres, Beatport labels want tracks that are ready to be released and already at a commercial standard.

If your tracks are not properly mastered then you have almost no chance of getting signed.



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1 Song)   $40 /  $20

2 Songs)   $70 /  $35

3 Songs)   $100 /  $50

4 Songs)   $130 /  $65

6 Songs)   $180 /  $90

8 Songs)   $220 /  $110

10 Songs)   $260 /  $130


1) Tracks cannot have any limiters or maximizers on the master channel. You can leave all other effects but you must remove any limiters or maximizers on the final master channel.

2) Tracks should have at least -6 db headroom on the master channel.

Lower the volume on the master volume channel until it only reaches negative 6db or more during playback. It doesn't have to be exactly at -6 but this is a good average that we recommend. Don't worry if it sounds quiet as we bring the volume up to a commercial loudness during mastering. This just ensures that the track isn't clipping when you send it to us and gives us enough headroom to master the track. (You only need to lower the master volume channel, not each individual track).

3) Tracks should be in Wav format in 16 or 24 bit.

Audio Mastering


Each clip will play the unmastered version for around 10-15 seconds and then fade out & into the mastered version.