“Let Us Handle The Complicated Part”

We have years of experience and a proper studio suited for mastering your track to a commercial level.

Don’t spend endless hours trying to get your tracks to sound decent when you can have us make them perfect.



Only $20 Per Track!

We are currently updating our payment buttons so in the meantime please email us at:
to order mastering.

Just let us know what paypal email address you would like us to send the invoice to and the amount of tracks you want to order. After payment you will receive an upload link via email.

(Receive Your Final Masters Within 48 Hours Guaranteed)

CLICK HERE to view our Expedited Mastering Prices (24 hour turnaround time)

* You will receive 2 different final masters of each track you upload for mastering to choose from *

Final Master 1 will have maximum commercial loudness
Final Master 2 will be slightly less compressed/limited



1. Tracks must have at least -6 db on the master bus.

This means that the loudest part of your track cannot peak above negative 6 db in volume.

We can easily increase the volume but we can only work with the headroom that you give us to work with.
The more headroom you give us means the more that we can fatten that space up.

2. Tracks must be in WAV. format.

We require this in order to maintain your songs maximum quality.

3. Tracks cannot have any Limiters on the final master bus.

You can have limiters on individual instruments (kick, snare, etc.) just not on the final master bus.

Previous Client Testimonials:

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- David Porter (Blitzgrip), USA Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/blitzgrip "Monarch Audio Mastering did amazing work with my EDM songs. They really brought out the crispness of my percussion, especially the snare rolls. They also did an amazing job getting rid of the muddiness of my bass lines. Great work!"

- Daan L. Friese (Frost), The Netherlands Signed To Neuroscience Recordings Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/thedutchgorilla "Monarch Audio Mastering is great for any mastering needs, they get it done well, and fast! Highly recommended!"

- Michael Riepsaame (Wausz), The NetherlandsSoundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wausz "I had finished a new track and got a tip to master my new track with Monarch Audio Mastering. I didn't hesitate and contacted them. The final result was absolutely perfect and ready to bump in the club. Great service!"