"Let Us Handle The Complicated Part"

We have years of experience and a proper studio suited for mastering your track to a commercial level.

How To Order Mastering:

Step-By-Step instructions for new customers:

1) Select the number of songs that you want mastered from our order form (All payments are made through Paypal)
2) Once payment is complete you will be automatically redirected to an upload form where you can upload your tracks in Wav. Format, and without limiters on the final master bus.

(We just need the final master mix individual track, not each individual instrument track/stems)
3) We will master your songs ensuring that each one reaches its optimal potential. Our mastering process guarantees that your tracks will be up to par with modern tracks not only in volume & thickness but in crystal clear clarity as well.

We also ensure playback consistency on every type of speaker whether it be an iPod, a Car or a Club System.

The mastering process is also necessary to release your tracks on Beatport, Itunes etc. or to play your tracks in a live venue. Many labels also require your tracks to be mastered just to submit a Demo.
4) We will email you a secure, private download link from our personal Mediafire Server that will contain 2 versions of each song that you send to us (1 with commercial loudness and 1 with more dynamic range) in Wav. format, 24 bit quality.
5) You are guaranteed to receive your tracks within 48 hours of uploading.

If you need your tracks sooner, order Expedited Mastering

Standard Mastering

All Prices 50% Off For A Limited Time!
Receive your masters in under 48 hours guaranteed.

1 Song / $40 /  $20

2 Songs / $70 /  $35

3 Songs / $100 /  $50

4 Songs / $130 /  $65

6 Songs / $180 /  $90

8 Songs / $220 /  $110

10 Songs / $260 /  $130

Expedited Mastering

Receive your masters in under 24 hours guaranteed. 1 Song / $60 /  $30

3 Songs / $140 /  $70

6 Songs / $220 /  $110

10 Songs / $320 /  $160

- Daan L. Friese (Frost), The Netherlands Signed To Neuroscience Recordings Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/thedutchgorilla "Monarch Audio Mastering is great for any mastering needs, they get it done well, and fast! Highly recommended!"