How It Works

1. Order
Select the number of songs that you want mastered from the order menu to the right. After clicking "Buy Now" you will be redirected to a paypal order form.


2. Upload
Once payment is complete you will be automatically redirected to an upload form on our website where you can upload your tracks and provide us with the email address that you want the masters sent to.

(For mastering we just need the final master mix individual track, not each individual instrument track)


3. Mastering
We will master your songs ensuring that each track has crystal clear commercial loudness and consistency across all playback systems whether it be club speakers or an ipod.


4. Download Your Mastered Tracks
We will email you a secure, private download link from our personal Mediafire Server that will contain 2 versions of each song that you send to us (1 with commercial loudness and 1 with more dynamic range) in Wav. format, 24 bit quality.


You are guaranteed to receive your tracks within 48 hours of uploading.

If you need your tracks sooner, order Expedited Mastering


50% Off For A Limited Time!
Receive your masters in under 48 hours guaranteed.

1 Song   $40 /  $20

2 Songs   $70 /  $35

3 Songs   $100 /  $50

4 Songs   $130 /  $65

6 Songs   $180 /  $90

8 Songs   $220 /  $110

10 Songs   $260 /  $130

Expedited Mastering

Receive your masters in under 24 hours guaranteed.

1 Song   $60 /  $30

3 Songs   $140 /  $70

6 Songs   $220 /  $110

10 Songs   $320 /  $160

Mixing & Mastering

Click Here for more info on having us professionally mix and master your track.


* The clip starts out as the unmastered version. The beep signals the change to the track with mastering. It changes to unmastered once more and the final beep signals the change back to the mastered version.

Changes to notice on the mastered version:

– Removal of all low end and mid section mud.
– Removal of all unnecessary high end frequencies
– Increased stereo image without any phase cancellation
– Added warmth and brightness
– Hardware Saturation for Thickness
– Punchy compression for commercial loudness
– Increased clarity
– The track now fills the full dynamic stereo spectrum
– Sub Harmonics added to improve the clarity of the bass

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